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  • What is Orbital 1?

    Orbital 1 is a card-based strategy game in realtime set in interplanetary scenarios where you can challenge an...

  • What are the player ships for?

    The Mothership is the flying vehicle that revolves around the orbit of the stadium. This is where units deploy...

  • What are cards for?

    They are the "physical" elements that represent the units, that is, the characters and vehicles the player use...

  • Where can I obtain cards?

    There are different ways of obtaining cards. Whenever you win a challenge, a Courier brings you rewards that i...

  • What is the Energy bar for?

    Energy is the resource that allows players to deploy the units. The Energy bar shows how much energy you have ...

  • What are Couriers?

    Couriers are the characters that give the players rewards when they win a game. They can bring cards, Coins an...

  • What are Coins for?

    Coins are used to upgrade your units once you collect enough repeated cards. Each time you upgrade a card, you...

  • What are Gems for?

    Gems are used to buy Coins and Couriers, and to make them wake up faster. Keep in mind that you can always ...

  • What is the purpose of the player's level?

    A player can only level up by upgrading cards. Leveling up means having a stronger Mothership and Escort ships...

  • What are Trophies for?

    Trophies are used to unlock new stadiums. Every time you win a challenge, you obtain a certain amount of Troph...
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